Men cope with body image concerns that often go unnoticed in comparison to women. Self compassion and holistic understanding towards yourself can make the difference when it comes to taking care of your beard and hair. Here are some tips to gain confidence in knowing you look amazing!  

Understanding Your Hair Loss

A common type of hair loss is medically identified as male pattern baldness, which is associated with factors such as genetics and hormone levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in a person. Other forms of hair loss or thinning for men can be connected to stress, nutrition, or specific health conditions.

Understanding Your Beard Loss

The scientific name for beard loss is alopecia barbae. When you find issues with quality in your beard growth, it may be worth checking out beard tips and focusing on dermatological aspects of facial hair such as dandruff, acne, or even too aggressive brushing.

Potential Treatment Options

Going to your health provider for blood tests, hormone checks, or other tests will help get to the root cause behind your balding or patchy beard. If the next course of action is determined to be to start a treatment plan to get your hair growing back, a doctor may prescribe topical treatments or medications as options to address your concerns.

A dermatologist can also offer personalized recommendations for healthier beard growth.

Finding Your Hair and Beard Tribe

It’s important to connect and find your tribe of individuals in the hair and beard world who share and bond over similar concerns. Hair loss treatment centers provide a wealth of resources, support, and expertise as you continue to research your options.

When you find your hairline or beard has transformed over the years when staring back at the mirror in the morning, therapy or counseling can ensure you have the tools to come out with greater confidence and more body positivity in yourself.

Proudly Rocking Your Grooming Style 

The journey of self-confidence toward your grooming style begins on a foundation of using products that you can trust. With naturally inspired products like our Beard Balm + Beard Oil Set, you cannot go wrong! Read more to discover the difference between these products. When you look good, you feel good! 

Rocking out your unique and one of a kind grooming style on a more frequent basis can do wonders for your levels of happiness, mental health, and confidence, serving as the catalyst to freely start living out your very best hair and beard life everywhere and everyday of your life!